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All About the USS Gerald Ford Aircraft Carrier

All About the USS Gerald Ford Aircraft Carrier One of the newer aircraft carriers is the Gerald R. Ford class, the first one to be named the USS Gerald R. Ford. The USS Gerald Ford is being built by Newport News Shipbuilding, a division of Huntington Ingalls Shipbuilding.The Navy plans to build 10 Gerald Ford class carriers, each with a  50-year  life span. The second Gerald Ford class carrier is named the USS John F. Kennedy and construction started in 2011. This class of aircraft carriers will replace the Nimitz class USS Enterprise carrier. Ordered in 2008, the USS Gerald Ford was scheduled for commissioning in 2017. Another carrier was scheduled to be completed in 2023.   A More Automated Aircraft Carrier The Gerald Ford-class carriers will have advanced aircraft arresting gear and be highly automated to reduce manpower requirements. The aircraft arresting gear (AAG) is built by General Atomics. Prior carriers used steam launchers to launch aircraft but the Gerald Ford will use the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) built by General Atomics. The carrier is nuclear powered with two reactors. The latest in stealth technology will be employed to reduce the ships radar signature. The Raytheon enhanced weapon handling and integrated warfare control systems will further improve ship operation. Dual Band Radar (DBR) will improve the ships ability to control aircraft and increase the number of sorties that can be made by 25 percent. The control island has been completely redesigned to enhance operations and be smaller. Aircraft carried by the carrier can include F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, EA-18G Growler, and F-35C Lightning II. Other aircraft on board include: EF-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraftE-2D Hawkeye for conducting battle management command and controlMH-60R Seahawk helicopter for antisubmarine and anti-surface warfare dutiesMH-60S Fire Scout unmanned helicopter. Current carriers use steam power throughout the ship but the Ford class has replaced all the steam lines with electric power. Weapons elevators on the carriers use electromagnetic hoists instead of wire rope to reduce maintenance costs. Hydraulics have been eliminated and replaced by electric actuators. Weapons elevators are built by Federal Equipment Company. Crew Amenities The new carriers will have enhanced quality of life for the crew. There are two galleys on the ship plus one for the Strike Group Commander and one for the Ship’s Commanding Officer. The ship will have improved air conditioning, better work spaces, sleeping and sanitary facilities. It is estimated that the operating cost of the new carriers will be $5 billion less over the ships life than the current Nimitz carriers. Parts of the ship are designed to be flexible and allow for future installation of speakers, lights, controls, and monitors. Ventilation and cabling are run under the decks to allow for easy reconfiguration. Weapons On Board Evolved Sea Sparrow missileRolling Airframe MissilePhalanx CIWSCarries 75 aircraft. Specifications Length 1,092 feetBeam 134 feetFlight deck 256 feetDraft 39 feetDisplacement 100,000 tonsPower generation from two nuclear reactors designed by Bettis LaboratoryFour shafts for propulsion (propulsion units built by General Electric and turbine generators are built by Northrop Grumman Marine Systems).Crew size 4,660 crew including ship staff and air wing personnel, 800 less than current carriersMaximum speed 30 knotsRange is unlimited since nuclear reactors can power the ship for many yearsApproximate cost $11.5 billion each To sum up, the next-generation aircraft carrier is the Gerald R. Ford class. It will carry superior firepower through over 75 aircraft, unlimited range using the nuclear reactors, lower manpower, and operating costs. The new design will increase the number of missions that the aircraft can complete making the carrier even more of a force.

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The Application of Bowan's Strategy Clock Used To Assist Organization Essay

The Application of Bowan's Strategy Clock Used To Assist Organization in Making Strategic Choices - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that achieving a competitive advantage over rivals is perhaps the most important business strategy that business houses wish to achieve. In almost every industry including the retail sector, competition among rivals is very high. According to the views of Michael Porter, there are primarily three different strategies that are employed by organizations, namely product differentiation, cost leadership and market segmentation. Michael Porter’s generic strategies have been widely debated over exact meanings of the terms proposed by him. It was for this reason that the strategic clock model developed by Bowman and Faulkner has been widely employed to describe ways in which a firm can have the competitive advantage over its rivals. Tesco is the third largest retail store chain globally and the largest in Britain. The origin of the business can be traced back to 1929 when the first store was opened in Britain. In less than thirty years from commencing its operation, Tesco had become one of the most prominent food retailers in entire U.K. Since the 1990s, the company had begun venturing out of U.K. as well as diversifying the products offered. Presently, the company operates in 12 countries across three continents, namely North America, Europe and Asia. During its initial days of operation, Tesco had focused on aspects of grocery retailing. However, with time, the business had expanded from food retailing to include a wide range of products and services. Some of the products and services offered by Tesco include retailing of electronics, books, clothing, petrol, and furniture. The services offered include renting out of DVDs, financial and telecom services and internet services. Tesco had showcased innovation not only in types of product offerings but also by developing the new concept of stores. Some of the diversified store structures that have been introduced by the organization over time include Tesco Metro stores specifically to meet requirements of local shoppers based in metropolitan areas; and Tesco Express, which is a petrol station based store for the convenience of customers.

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Measuring development is an arbitrary process since all summary Term Paper

Measuring development is an arbitrary process since all summary statistics in this area are trying to evaluate economic inputs rather than economic outputs - Term Paper Example as of economic development include; health rates in a country, people life expectancy rates, unemployment and rates of poverty that are characteristic of a particular country. In actual practice, economic growth is narrow in its scope as compared to economic development. Economic growth solely takes into account the total increase in a country’s real level of national output that is often because of a boost in the quality of resources applied, for instance, education, an increase in the number of resources and the quality improvements that have been done in technology. In another words, to measure economic growth, economists make use of the GDP statistics, which shows the contributions of each country’s sector towards the overall national output. On the other hand, economic development can be said to be a normative concept, which only exists in the citizen’s sense of morality, i.e, the knowledge of something good and bad. In a general sense, economic development of a country can be explained though an increase in peoples standards of living and general way of life. Economic development ensures that people make proper decisions about their wealth creation and improves their way of life. This is done only when people realize the value of involvement in different economic activities. The best approach in the measurement of economic development is the use of human development index that gives due consideration to a country’s levels of literacy, people’s expectancy rates and how they affect overall productivity in a country. Economic development is an important concept since it often leads to creation and establishment of important institutions that determine the quality of human life like education and health care. In addition, it also contributes to establishment of important employment and environment policies. Economic development in a country means the increase in per capita income out of a single individual. When computing the levels of economic

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Abusive Relationship Essay Example for Free

Abusive Relationship Essay Physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse are some of the different types of abuse that can be found within a relationship. The purpose of this paper is to provide a review of adolescent dating aggression, and to define, compare and contrast different points of view. The author of the novel Faultline, Janet Tashjian, describes a series of events in the life of Becky, the main character of the story, where she is getting involved into an abusive relationship with Kip, presenting all the warning signs that every adolescent should know. This story represents the millions of adolescents that are in this same situation. I will be presenting real cases from different sources to demonstrate that adolescent dating aggression is a serious problem for many teenagers. Yet like other forms of aggression, warning signs are often present that a young couple may be at risk. By understanding these precursors we can help adolescents avoid problematic situations and instead develop healthy dating relationships that will set in place a solid foundation for satisfying relationships throughout life. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four teenagers report being verbally, emotionally, physically or sexually abused in a dating relationship. The issue of dating violence is so critical that it was included in the 2005 reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, along with the crimes of sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking. Statistics indicate that males who are exposed to domestic violence as children are twice as likely to be abusive in their own relationships. Many teens use cell phones and computers as tools of control and abuse in dating relationships. There have been millions of reports of abuse in a relationship; one of these cases was reported by Nicky who was 12 when she fell in love with Richard who was 13. What Nicky has to show for their years together are a chipped tooth, a nose bent several degrees by his fist, three children â€Å"all of whom were born before their due dates because of beatings†, she says, a nd emotional scars that are hard to fathom in someone so young. She shares her story to Los Angeles Times: My earliest memory of abuse? I was 13. When he went into high school, I was still in junior high and he didnt trust me. One time I was wearing this see-through blouse. I had a slip on underneath it, because my parents taught me how to dress. [But] he got mad, and he pushed me on the ground and started calling me a bitch and everything. I thought, `Well hes just mad, I shouldnt have worn that. I couldnt go home. What was I gonna tell my mom? So I went to school and I put on my P.E. clothes and that is what I wore all day. In the last two decades, domestic violence has emerged from the black hole of taboo subjects to become highly visible. And what has long been happening between spouses or adult lovers is now recognized as a problem for teen-agers as well. Surveys show that about 28% of high school- and college-age students are in abusive relationships, roughly the same proportion as adults. But while adults have shelters and well-publicized hot lines, adolescents typically have only each other, if that. They often cannot or will not turn to adults for help and may not even talk to their peers. Young girls and women often do not know how to get out of abusive situations. More schools are providing programs to teach teens the warning signs of abusive relationships and provide them with the tools they need to leave violent and controlling partners. Some people think that dating violence is increasing because many girls are afraid to stand up to an aggressive and controlling boy. Others blame the violent and sexual content in the media as a contributing factor in dating violence. According to a New York Times article, â€Å"The high incidence of adolescent abuse distresses Barrie Levy, a Santa Monica therapist and a founder of the Southern California Coalition for Battered Women†. Levy, who edited the book Dating Violence: Young Women in Danger became aware of the problem in 1982 during a domestic violence education project in Los Angeles-area secondary schools. Our focus was on the development of an education program that would target adolescents, thinking that the way to start dealing with domestic violence was presumably before it started, Levy says. Violence in adolescent dating relationships is a large-scale problem, and may result in long-term trauma and psychological aftermath for victims. I provided some data, statistics, facts and opinion about this issue. An abusive relationship can be prevented if parents, teachers and counselors talk to the adolescents about the warning signs and how get away from that abusive relationship. The novel Faultline is a great example that can be used to teach teenagers about this serious topic.

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The Five Themes Of Geography :: essays research papers fc

The Five Themes of Geography During the 1980's the United States showed unacceptably low test scores on simple Geographic tests. The point Committee on Geographic Education could only attribute these results to Geographic Illiteracy, not only on the part of the students, but more importantly on the educators themselves. By 1984 it had become inexplicably clear that immediate action must take place to counteract this ongoing problem in our educational institutions (Journal of Geography 89). In response, the Joint Committee on Geographic Education produced a landmark publication entitled "Guidelines for Geographic Education". This document contained a scope and sequence in Geography with suggested learning results for the nations primary and secondary school systems, as well as suggested educational strategies for analysis on the part of the students and teachers. Most importantly, this article provided the Five Fundamental Themes in Geography, which have evolved to become an integral element of social studies education, because they take the world of geographic study beyond the realm of basic memorization, and into a new plane of analysis and implementation. These five themes include location, place, human-environment interactions, movement, and regions. Location answers the question of "where?". If you plan to meet someone at a specific time, and a specific place, the question of "Where will you meet?" must first be answered. To resolve this situation, Geography employs Absolute Location, and Relative Location. Absolute Location applies a grid-matrix system to the earth's surface in the form of coordinates. These coordinates, longitude and latitude, allow geographers to pinpoint exact areas of the earth's surface, and other planetary bodies as well. If Geographers wish to apply satellite technology to observe an area of the earth's surface, coordinates are used to pinpoint an exact location. Relative Location answers the simple question of where you would meet a person. For example: "Let's meet at Martin Hall, the building next to the Library." But, relative location is much deeper than simple location. It also involves interdependence of a location based upon its resources, people, and environment. If one wishes to build a ski resort, the location of that resort must be relative with the environment of the location. It would be illogical, and non- profitable to build a ski resort in the Mojave desert. However, it would be logical to build a resort in the higher elevations of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Idaho, or Montana. Every area on the surface of the earth is defined by some type of characteristic. Siberia is known to be very cold, but also a part of the Soviet Union, a formerly communist country. Belize is known to be very warm, but it is

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Amanda and Laura in Scene Essay

The second scene of Tennessee Williams’ play The Glass Menagerie is mainly about the relationship between Amanda and her daughter Laura. Williams uses every way possible to give the audience an idea of this relationship, from body language, stage directions and language, to the set, clothes and props. Throughout the play, Williams uses images set against screens to accentuate the mood, or theme, of the upcoming scene. The image presented at the start of this scene is â€Å"blue roses†, this being the nickname Laura was given at school by a boy she was fond of – â€Å"When I had that attack of pleurosis – he asked me what was the matter when I came back. I said pleurosis – he thought that I said Blue Roses!† Ironically, blue roses is more than just a name for Laura – she is portrayed as a rose, pure, innocent and delicate, and the adjective blue gives the impression of coldness, which could be linked to Laura’s sad and lonely state. Laura’s mental and physical state is central to Amanda and Laura’s relationship, as it is through this that difficulties arise (although it is quite likely that Amanda would always be a rather demanding mother). Laura is crippled – we are given the impression that it isn’t particularly serious, but conversely, nothing to be brushed lightly aside either. Amanda’s inability to accept this fact creates a tension between not only Amanda and her daughter, but Tom as well – who feels he has to protect Laura from her mother’s â€Å"ambitions† for her. It is important to realise that Amanda does know her daughter is crippled, but just cannot accept the fact that this disability could have a very real negative effect on her daughter’s life. At the end of Scene 2, Amanda sums up her feelings towards Laura’s problem when she says â€Å"Nonsense! Laura, I’ve told you never, never to use that word. Why, you’re not crippled, you just have a little defect – hardly noticeable even!† Here we can see that Amanda is convincing herself that all she is really doing is being supportive to her daughter, trying to make Laura feel better – but in reality, she is unable to face the fact that her daughter isn’t as physically attractive as Amanda was at the same age. This all comes down to one of the underlying themes of the play – a mother trying to live her life once more through her daughter – and Amanda must eventually come to realise that Laura is a completely different person. An important part of this scene is that, through the screenplay between Amanda and Laura, we see that these two characters are very different – there is a total contrast between mother and daughter. This is a common trick of playwrights, although usually the main characters aren’t contrasted quite so obviously – in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the characters Benvolio and Tybalt were contrasted excellently, one a natural peacemaker and the other a warmonger. Here, Amanda is dramatic, determined, dominant and self-assured – on the outside at least – whilst Laura is shy, quiet, insecure and nervous. Laura seems afraid to become involved in real-life situations, and is much more at home with her glass menagerie and music. Amanda appears to lead a busy life, which some might think she is happy with – but she is actually living a shadow of her former existence. She came from a rich and successful family, and now lives in a â€Å"vast hive-like cellular living unit† as Williams describes her building. She is constantly living in the past and referring to her suitors, tangled up in the biggest mistake – as she sees it – that she ever made, which was to marry Tom and Laura’s father. With little left of her former â€Å"glory†, Amanda is desperate for her daughter to make the right choice this time, to escape the trap she found herself in. This is why she refuses to accept that her daughter has a defect, she sees Laura as her last chance at success. This is perhaps best shown in the passage beginning â€Å"So what are we going to do with the rest of our lives?† Throughout this passage, Amanda refers to â€Å"we† instead of you – here she really is showing her true colours, that she can only live her life fully if Laura is successful.

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Health Promotion And Disease Prevention - 1000 Words

â€Å"Health promotion is an attempt to improve the health status of an individual or community, and is concerned with the prevention of disease, though this is not its only purpose, as health is not merely the absence of disease† ( Maben, Clark, 1995, p. 1163). Health promotion is commonly used term in health care world, and in current society the promotion of health has greater significance, especially with the rise in consumerism. Health promotion is a vital concept for nursing, symbolizing notions that nursing is related today. Nurses are being urged to take a health promotion role, and are deemed by others as an ideal role for them. It is therefore crucial that nurses cognize the meaning of health promotion and also what is expected from them by undertaking this role (Raphael, 1998). The significance of health promotion and disease prevention as a principal element of current national health care policy is emphasized in Healthy People 2020. Health promotion consists of all actions that encourage maximum spiritual, mental and physical functions despite of whether an individual is ill or well. Most of these plans are aimed at bringing positive lifestyle changes (Van Leuven, Prion, 2007). A major core competency for all NPs is health promotion. Through regular screening, immunizations and counselling, NPs can guide their patients towards the goal of health promotion and disease prevention. As a future NP, my goal is to provide patient-centered, holistic careShow MoreRelatedHealth Promotion And Disease Prevention871 Words   |  4 PagesChronic disease is one of the leading causes of death. People get a chronic disease because of tobacco use, poor diet, lack of physical activities and host among others things. The question is why we are not taking on the initia tive on improving the quality of life by at eliminating the things that causes chronic diseases. Lately, there have been numerous of debates on whether prevention or treatment saves money. Some have argued that the prevention cannot save money, but rather increases the costRead MoreHealth Promotion And Disease Prevention1239 Words   |  5 Pagesbe anything wrong with living that way, the US Department of Health and Human Services (Healthy People 2020, 2010) set out to create a program to promote health across all stages of life. That is where Healthy People 2020 comes in. Healthy People 2020 is an approach with a set purpose, a list of multi sector priorities, and a program which affects nursing practice/patient care (Healthy People 2020, 2010). The US Department of Health and Human Services developed the â€Å"Healthy People† program overRead MoreHealth Promotion And Disease Prevention996 Words   |  4 PagesHealth promotion and disease prevention encompass many similar contributing factors. Disease prevention is often defined as a medical based model targeting a person’s biology not the person as a whole and focuses on maintaining one’s health (Tengland, 2010). Where health promotion involves activities of wellbeing and the goal is to improve the bodies state of health (Tengland, 2010). Although these two concepts may be approached and implemented differently behavioral risk factors play major rolesRead MoreHealth Promotion And Disease Prevention1909 Words   |  8 PagesHealth Promotion Model One of the major issues within healthcare that should resonate with a registered nurse is health promotion and disease prevention. Health promotion is defined by the World Health Organization as, â€Å"the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve their health† (Health Promotion, 2014). An important nursing model that expounds on this concept is the health promotion model (HPM) developed by nursing theorist Nola Pender. Pender’s nursing model integratesRead MoreHealth Promotion And Disease Prevention3437 Words   |  14 Pages In question one, I identify health promotion and disease prevention in the field of heart failure (HF) as my specific research focus. The National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) cites the need to promote innovations that empower individuals to make decisions about their health and become personally involved in disease prevention and illness management (Research, 2011). Individuals with heart failure must maintain wellness and recognize signs of cardiac decompensation in order to respond promptlyRead MoreBarriers to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention1563 Words   |  7 PagesHealth promotion has been defined as the process of enabling people to increase control over their health and to improve it. This process requires personal participation and supportive environments. For people with disabilities, however, personal participation is often limited by non-supportive environments. Lack of knowledge on how to modify programs to meet specific needs, poor attitudes, and unfriendly environments often creates insurmountable barriers to participation for many people with disabilitiesRead MoreHealth Promotion And Disease Prevention Program Essay1556 Words   |  7 Pagesthe alarm, or school, your health is your own responsibility, and that includes sleep. Sleep health has received national attention, with various studies evaluating sleep patterns of the nation, determining the consequences of i nadequate sleep, and designating goals to meet in the future. The healthy people program, which in 2010 determined sleep-health a significant topic, intends to improve this problem. Healthy People 2020 is a health-promotion and disease-prevention program focusing on obtainableRead MoreMedical Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Plan1467 Words   |  6 PagesMental health Theory Professor: Prof. Patricia Powers Introduction The nationwide health promotion and disease prevention plan, Healthy People 2020, recognizes that mental health promotion and mental health reduction as one of the most significant health objectives. Statistic indicated that mental health disorders are the leading cause of disability in United States and Canada, while suicide is the 11th leading cause of death that killed approximately 30,000 American each year (â€Å"Mental Health and MentalRead MoreReligion And Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, And Illness953 Words   |  4 PagesMany religious customs and laws extend from the early apprehensions involved with economic needs as well as health and safety regarding the consumption of certain foods or liquids. These issues resulted from the lack of preservation and purification techniques for foods and liquids and the concern of the scholars, usually the religious, in connection to health promotion, disease prevention, and illness (Waibel, n.d.). However, the views of the past d iminish with the advent of electricity and ourRead MoreHealth Promotion Program Proposal On Lyme Disease Prevention1634 Words   |  7 Pages Health Promotion Program Proposal on Lyme disease Prevention My health promotion program will focus on Lyme disease. My state-Maryland is number one in the list of top ten states for Lyme disease in United States. According to Physicians Now (2016), Although there were fewer cases of Lyme disease reported in 2012 than in previous years, the illness is still more common in Maryland than in many other states. There were 1,113 confirmed cases and 538 suspected cases in 2012, according to the Centers